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Now you can experience all the benefits of LED light therapy, right in the comfort of your home!

Using the ShopMeOff Mask boosts collagen levelstightens poresIncreases blood circulation and improves the health of your skin.


  • Clears acne and allows the skin to heal
  • Reduces fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Eliminates Puffiness around the eyes
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Relaxes & Rejuvenates your skin
  • No Chemicals No Peels

Spas everywhere have started using LED light therapy in recent years due to it’s extreme effectiveness and the results have been amazing!

Why The ShopMeOff Mask:

  • Simple & Convenient: Simply choose the LED light color(s) that best suit your needs and use it for the recommended 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Saves Time & Money: No more throwing away your money every few weeks–the ShopMeOff Mask is built to last and sure to save you many expensive trips to the pharmacy.

  • Perfect For Sensitive Skin: Each of the seven different color LED lights can have their energy output adjusted to accommodate to your skin’s sensitivity level.

Multi-Purpose Skin Treatment

There are seven different color LEDs built into the mask, each color treating different skin conditions from wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and more.

  • Red (630nm): Anti-Aging, Promotes Collagen, Tightens loose skin, Increases elasticity, Revitalizes Cells, Improves Blood Circulation
  • Blue (470nm): Sterilizes Acne-Producing Bacteria, Shrinks Sebaceous Glands, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, Promotes Oxygen
  • Green (520nm): Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Balances Oily Skin, Relieves Mental Stress, Promotes Lymphatic Drainage
  • Purple: Combination Of Red & Blue Light; Anti-Aging, Sterilizes Acne-Producing Bacteria, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Cyan (500-520nm): Reduces Swollen Capillaries, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring, Relieves Mental Stress
  • Yellow (590nm): Stimulates Red Blood Cells, Reduces Pigmentation, Balances Skin Texture, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Reduces Redness
  • White: Penetrates Skin Deepest; Speeds Up Skin Metabolism, Tightens loose skin,  Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Reduces Inflammation & Scarring

44 reviews for ShopMeOff Professional LED Light Therapy Mask

  1. N***a

    Everything works cool

  2. Y***n

    Well write LL

  3. Customer (verified owner)

    recibido a tiempo

  4. Customer

    Received on time

  5. G***l

    Just in 2 months it finally came to my hands Box a little damaged but product intact!

  6. V***a

    All as described, no smell, quality is good, all turn on, delivery less than a month

  7. C***s

    The device is fully compliant with the store’s description. I am very satisfied with my purchase, very good value for money and i received it very quickly! Thank you

  8. S***I

    Fast and safe shipping, effect also very satisfied.

  9. G***k

    Box in the slips arrived. Box is real sense is admittedly. Again remind cotton box No RT cheaper with the same austria elements. Electrical stimulation. Rubber part parts sheathed like this fall more. Afghanistan after the prayer and already let just stay out of the gun while having to buy yo And the mask was heavier than thought it ㅋㅋㅋ Light incoming not good long one day water bespectacled as snow is pressed. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ so mask gently for under wear good looks to be the And left the masks neck fraction the dices does. Defectiveness this exchange or neck part only back to receive.

  10. Y***i


  11. J***e

    It took 9 days to come to France, I didn’t expect it to be that quick!! I mainly use the red light (the most complete and effective color), everyday, for about 15-20 minutes. I noticed that my pores tightened rapidly, and that my skin is less sensitive. I never resist to touching my skin when I see the slightest imperfection, leading to developing pimples even though I don’t have acne to begin with… But by using the LED mask, it doesn’t happen! Don’t expect magical results, but a noticeable improvement with regular usage. I recommend using this after applying a moisturizer; when I first used it, I didn’t, and my skin dried out and peeled a bit. Also, I recommend to NOT use the charger. It exploded and burned when I first used it and broke my extension cable. Luckily I had another one at home, but that was quite dangerous… Still not enough to remove a star in my rating since I really am satisfied with the product!

  12. C***e

    be heavy

  13. T***y

    Outwardly, the mask is the same as in the description. Inside each detail in a separate puffy package, the adapter in the box. Looks very dignified. I attach a photo. After use, i will add a review. While i attach the photo. Many thanks to the store for his work! All happy new year! And someone merry christmas))

  14. K***o

    I have just received my order! The parcel is perfect (not any demages!) you are my favorite store! I would give you 25 stars feedback if i could!!!!!!! The mask went to mo about 5 weeks. The seller is amazing (on his initiative extended the protection time and all the time wondered if i received the goods!!) everything came perfectly (in the photo it is clearly visible!), the box and the contents are in perfect condition! I highly recommend the seller! The results of use i will lay out months after 6-7.

  15. A***a

    The product received 34 days packed well, looks dignified checked like everything works did not understand about electro impulses instruction in english later i will figure out and add in general satisfied with the store recommend

  16. V***t

    The mask came in 20 days in st. petersburg. Packed well, all colors work, with microcurrents until figured out, later i will add a review from the photo.

  17. D***d

    First this came so fast to the US! One of the fastest shipped items on AliExpress! Seller stayed in contact and makes sure you are happy with item! I am really impressed! Directions in English along with the correct plug! Item worked quickly plugging in and ready to use! My teen will use the Blue and for Anti Aging I will use the Red! All 7 lights seem to work and look good. Can’t wait to use! The timer is counting down and seems to be working! Came in a big box which I will store it in. Idea: you might offer a storage zippered pouch

  18. A***s

    The order is very late but complete

  19. M***v

    Thank you very much to the store. Packed well. Whole. I really liked the mask.

  20. J***j

    The mask is excellent! Everything came safe and sound, though wrote to the store to pack better, ordered my mother as a gift. The effect of the mask is: pimples pass, the skin becomes not so oak, more elastic. I tried the mode of all colors at once.

  21. N***a

    It came urun but I didn’t use it yet. Thank you very much.

  22. C***z (verified owner)

    todo buen, el envío y el tiempo de entrega

  23. C***z

    All good, shipping and delivery time

  24. T***A

    really I love it!! I have not used this yet, but I know the beauty effect of the LED. that why I’m looking forward to using this from today. Very good operation without failure. I appreciate the quick and courteous store!!

  25. J***e

    Love it ^_^ Box was demaged, but mask is safe ^_^ everything works !!

  26. A***a

    Freckle home care to try for Elsie off night or without difference it is dry pitfall

  27. Customer

    The Product was exactly the same as the description.

  28. J***o

    Works! Despite the fact that the box was all broken

  29. H***g

    Shipping quickly grew up Oh

  30. N***z

    It’s in perfect condition, i haven’t used it yet, but i have a lot of faith. Thank you

  31. H***m

    Shipping fast convenient for cooking products okey

  32. S***a

    Have’s Heighten sensitivity of new player bmw7 color needle cable system level flashing galaxy4 with remote control with box and manual cord twine

  33. F***r

    Ordered 27.02, received at the post office in moscow 15.03. The package was packed in an ordinary white bag and in a bag of puffy, but still the box was wrinkled. The mask itself and the remote were also wrapped in a package of puffy, an adapter with eurorazetka (such and ordered) in a cortonous box. Description in english. The kit is complete, sent everything that is stated! Cords are long, connect to the remote control, one cord from the mask itself, the second from the chin, and from the remote control to the outlet. I have not tried the miracle mask yet, i only connected it to check, everything works. I am very happy!!! Thank you very much to the store!!!

  34. K***s

    Everything works great. I will post improvement on my skin in 4 weeks. Thanks store!!

  35. V***a

    They turn on the lights. I still have a problem with microcurrent but i don’t know maybe i need to do something. Hopefully good results

  36. N***a

    Delivery 22 days! Packed weakly. The box was wrinkled and torn (but the mask is in order, everything works properly. Based on the results, as will complement the feedback. And so everything is super, i like the mask!

  37. Customer

    Paid for fast delivery, as a result of 3 weeks of waiting… The box came all crumpled .. Mask itself without storage box. Pleases that all 8 modes work.

  38. Customer

    omg, tried everything its working, arrived in box nicely packed, no damage to box,suprising thing it arrived so quickly, was not expecting for another plug, English can increase intensity of microcurrent, and also brightness of light, would recommend conducting gel on probes,and put cotton wool,or latex make up sponge over eyes for protection.I highly recommend this company, very happy.Thank you.

  39. M***a

    Girls, no microcurrent, this is a dummy!!! You yourself will look closely, no connecting wiring. To shine, it, of course, shines, but no more. opened the dispute and the store without talking returned half the amount. Only for this i put 4 stars.

  40. S***a

    Beautiful just like in the photos, i arrive very well packed and working perfect. Not yet use but the product was received in excellent condition 5 stars recommended thank you.

  41. M***a

    I love it, i arrive super fast and in excellent condition. I was fascinated

  42. L***o

    User manual for tribal business card Start button only, and exit button Ian looks

  43. A***s

    Fast 10 days delivery. 100 % recomendations.

  44. R***p

    Very cool mask, not yet tried, came quickly for about 2 weeks

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