Endless Beauty RF Facial Wrinkle Remover

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End Wrinkles and Lift Your Face!
Tighten your Skin and Shrink Pores
Decorate facial contour and remove the double chin
Activate collagen cells, increase skin elasticity and pigment
Fade out dark circles of the eye
Remove the wrinkles on your neck

We Are The Best Because…

Differences from other RF:
1. Higher and better energy output – it feels good heating from H energy level in 10 seconds.
2. Equipped with the latest platinum treatment head – better and more even energy conduction, more comfortable feeling and better result.
It is an non-invasive way using RF radio frequency technology to smooth and tighten skin on face and body and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.

What Exactly Can I Use This For?

For Eyes – Fine lines, wrinkles removal and smooth our brow line; treat on the upper and lower eyelids and make eyes look youthful and charming.
For Face – Treatment for loose jowls, sagging skin. It can smooth fine lines, wrinkles, tighten skin, rejuvenate skin and remodel collagen for overall skin. It is also helpful for pigmentation reduction and scar improvement.
For Body – Treatment for sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples.

Get Rid of Wrinkles NOW!


How Does It Work?

1. Electromagnetic energy activates the collagen shrinking and re-generating, obviously remove wrinkle, rejuvenate skin.
2.Tighten and lift loose skin, perfect the face contour.
3.The thermal effect could improve the micro-circulation, accelerate the metabolism, keep skin smooth, elastic and glossy.
4. RF could improve the penetration of skin care products, promote the absorption capacity for skin. Combining the RF beauty device and skin care products, it will bring better effect: refreshing, beautifying and rejuvenating skin.
5. The wavelength of infrared is 880 nm, it is invisible for eyes. It could penetrate into deep skin, and generate thermal energy, which could active cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism, keep skin healthy and energetic.

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Advantages of the Endless Beauty Face Lifter

The Advantages of RF Beauty Technology
1) Safe Non-surgical, non-intrusive, non-narcotic, non-injection, painless, no recover phase.
2) Fast Instantly tighten and lift loose skin.
3)  Persistent Stimulate the re-generation of collagen continuously, rejuvenate skin and keep long-lasting effect. 


Micro current
Four elements are used to ensure that the electrical current works and stimulates the muscle tissue very gently causing a secondary muscular movement that preserves the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.
Introducing endless beauty essence into your skin.
This beauty machine is used for collagen injection without a needle. Macro molecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot easily penetrate the deep layer of the skin from the surface. But with our special technology called “Electroporation” you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain.
Nutrition import penetration compared with ions from the skin surface is 1mm about 10 times, 4mm about 27 times. The active ingredients into the skin can guarantee. Which can function efficiently, so you really feel the skin improvement and delay the aging effect.
For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and improvement to blood circulation. Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue. This is another feature that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin.
For treatment of acne lesions. It works efficiently without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment.
Model 1: Pink light
Wavelength: 415nm (+ – 10nm)
Skin whitening, suit for dark skin
Model 2: Pink flashing light
Enhance the absorption of beauty fluid, and make the skin more clear and whiter
Model 3: Red light
Wavelength: 620nm (+ – 10nm)
Make skin more brigh , more elastic
Model 4: Yellow light
Wavelength: 590nm (+ – 10nm)
Detoxification, Make the skin more healthy
Model 5: Blue light
Wavelength: 465nm (+ – 10nm)
Stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, reduce pore size, swollen after surgery.
Model 6: Green light
Wavelength: 520nm (+-10nm)
Enhance the absorption of beauty fluid, and make the skin more clear and whiter


  ZM0108001 (4)   
ZM0108001 (10)

Put an End to Your Wrinkles Once and For All!

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Weight 0.35 oz
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 in

48 reviews for Endless Beauty RF Facial Wrinkle Remover

  1. N***a

    Fastest shipping! The store is sociable, i will definitely work with him. The device also surpassed my expectations, very satisfied. Super! Thank you!

  2. L***.

    Shipping 20 days. The courier brought home. Everything seems to work. Not yet used, later i will add. Took for 1570 rubles. The color is beautiful pearl with mother of pearl. Thank you!

  3. B***z

    Super fast arrived within ten days… Testing.

  4. Customer

    The store is honest. There were problems with the operation of the device. Opened a dispute with the evidence. The seller returned the money without problems. For honesty i put five stars.

  5. N***e

    It came with no damage, I haven’t used it yet, hope it works well on my skin. Thank you!

  6. O***a

    The device is easy to understand, during the procedure there is a slight tingling, The skin after it is pink tender, which will be after 10 procedures later add feedback.

  7. Customer

    It switches on ok, it looks like is charged but I still follow the instructions of charging for three hours, I have not use this but it turned on easy and will give more feed back if it actually work for all it claims to work for.

  8. L***z

    I arrive in excellent condition, very well packed. The product is of good quality and everything works correctly, it is the same as described in the publication. Excellent store always concerned about the arrival, i recommend it for my good experience.

  9. A***o

    I am in love with my Facial Mesotherapy, it is so cute and really good to use. Delivery took 2 weeks, really fast, the communication with the store was great he is good to reply the questions I had. For sure I recommend and will buy more stuff from them

  10. N***z

    I am very happy with my device. Thanks guys for an excellent client service.

  11. Customer

    Good product, even though the cardboard box was damaged (shipping company’s fault) the product arrived in perfect condition as the store wrapped very well. I used it once, and i noticed the furthest skin.

  12. L***o

    Good packing. arrived long before expected. good store.. Now i’ll prove it. i hope it works well.

  13. E***v

    The parcel arrived very quickly but shopping in bundles is not ok with AliExpress because the two or more items are purchased from different stores, which makes the bundle useless

  14. Y***a

    The goods came quickly, everything works, the effect is true until i noticed, probably it takes time, thanks to the store for the quality work.

  15. A***a

    In general, i am happy, there are 6 color modes, i use two-red for lifting (there is heating), blue for problem skin (narrows pores). And 5 levels of intensity, use 3-4 levels, feel tolerant tingling and tightening, serum or gel absorbs quickly. I used already 10 times-until i even sat down the internal battery, although i tried to recharge-everything works. Especially the effect was noticed on the forehead, the longitudinal wrinkle began to be smoothed out, in some places it is weakly noticeable. I will use it further, though i do not know how often it is necessary. While operated every day almost, alternating regimes. The only modes of ef and ems are unclear how to turn on (and whether), you can not turn off the color and use these modes for mesotherapy there is no this function, i know, in other devices a little more expensive there is a separate switching of each mode and plus massage, there is no. Perhaps later i will order an extended version, before that i did not read about these devices and therefore i bought the first one i liked. In general, the hood

  16. R***g

    Fast delivery, sociable store. Packed well. I will add a review later, after operation

  17. H***s

    It’s your product is the most! You have to prove it! Why didn’t i find out before? I will no longer spend on radio frequency sessions, mesotherapy, or electropolations! From the first use i am surprised, (is that my skin is so tense), he really made me an instant lifting! To optimize the results, what i do is. Apply to my face completely clean my favorite serum (one of hyaluronic acid), and then with circular and upward movements i massage my face with the apparatus, i use it with red light (which is to improve colagene production), the device when touching your skin gives small electrical impulses (Which do not hurt) that make your skin stand up and produce that instant facial lifting we all look for, i insisted on the papada area and noticed it firmer from the first use, plus where i definitely noticed the difference was in my eyebrows, When i started with the right side of my face, my right eyebrow was noticeably higher, it was amazing!

  18. S***A

    The order is satisfied, the goods came for three weeks. The store is very sociable :)) the device works, charging too. Already tried on the face: it works with gel, plucks, on the fourth and fifth mode is very palpable. For home care is very even super! Thank you seller!

  19. Customer

    The package arrived on its given time. Both items are intact although one item was a little deformed. Will update my review once used.

  20. F***r

    Thank you, came charged, everything corresponds to the description.

  21. T***a

    Delivery is almost a month, courier to the house. (perm) The device itself is very good, everything works. The same store ordered a gel and i also liked it (you can buy any gel, for example in the store “fix price”). ✔1 mode (red)-to treat wrinkles and elasticity of the skin. ✔2 mode (green)-to treat dark spots. ✔3 mode (blue)-to treat acne and oily skin. ✔4 mode (yellow)-to lighten the skin ✔5 mode (pink)-for skin whitening ✔6 mode (pink flashing)-to penetrate skin care products. I think that every girl/woman should have such a device for skin care. All beauty!!! I hope the feedback was useful)

  22. M***z

    Very nice, now we’ll see how it works, very nice presentation, thanks

  23. M***r

    Took 15 days to arrive to uk , will leave more feedback when tried!

  24. S***i

    Arrived time-efficient. The packaging is perfect and I checked that works. I can’t wait to try it. I will leave a feedback according to later.

  25. B***t

    The goods came for a month, the track was tracked Partly, the goods came loaded and in working order. Efficiency will show time. Thank You

  26. E***l

    Like, really works!

  27. M***a

    The parcel arrived quickly, about 2 weeks to the netherlands, the track was tracked. The package was good, the box on top was wrapped with air/bubble film, but still a little wrinkled. I ordered with a box not for a gift, but myself, so it was more convenient to store, so for me it is not critical. The device is serviceable, the light works, the current is also felt on the skin, the results should be looked at later. The store communicated well, the service is on top, i recommend!

  28. C***e

    Terrific once Use and effect good, please

  29. N***a

    Shipping fast! The device works, charging charges. All super!)

  30. E***a

    Delivery is fast. The goods are quality, came without damage. I use with hyaluronic acid or face gels with ali. The intensity level of pulses is adjustable from 1 to 5. i use 3. The effect is visible after 2 applications. The skin is smoothed, looks fresh. Thanks a great device.

  31. O***a

    I received the order until i used it. I will add feedback later. Sent order on the day of payment, delivery long-problems of our mail. The store is sociable. I recommend.

  32. A***c

    Will see how it works/ what effects are. It is simple by reading user manual. The package is good. The charger is not included. Use mobile phone charger.

  33. N***e

    Order placed on 18 February and received on 28 it is very fast arrived in good condition and well protected thanks to store I’ll be back after the test

  34. C***z

    Just arrived it looks good to see if it does its function and the supplier very kind attentive late much my order but i arrive recommended to the store now that i use it i leave my opinion

  35. I***a

    Great device. Very easy to use and works effectively. The box did not crumple, everything is whole. Delivery 1.5 months.

  36. S***k

    I liked the device, a few openings on the device. When working on the last program, the feeling of cramps run and the warmth is light. There is no result yet, but this process is long. I’ll use it. I recommend.

  37. E***N

    Well, my mother loved it very much

  38. E***a

    The device is well packed, was charged, everything works, for me it’s a miracle device! After a week of use, the result is noticeable.

  39. P***e

    It comes nicely packed and works perfectly. It’s excellent, i ‘d like you to include the protective lenses

  40. Customer

    All according to the description. Order placed 12.03 received 21.03 very fast shipping, I am pleasantly zaskoczona. Very good contact with the store. Thank You! Recommend salesman.

  41. Y***a

    It came weeks for 3 in kharkov. I have not tried the work yet, i will add a tip. It’s pretty good. Glows. I’m going to try.

  42. I***z

    Very happy, the product arrived in good condition and on time.

  43. E***a

    Delivery is fast, courier. The device has so far tested 1 time. Everything works. In comparison with the corresponding procedure in the office of the cosmetologist, on a more professional device, the sensations are certainly weak, for me the pulses of this device are weakly noticeable even at maximum power. But, after one, even a short-term procedure, it is felt that the face is in tone. I will use more often, i will add feedback on the results. Ordered from the same store conductive gel and serum. All came together, whole, the only box a little wrinkled. Comes with a charger, usb cord, english manual. In general, for this price the device is not bad, it looks quality and sound.

  44. I***a

    Very good thing, quite high quality, the buttons do not hang out, the impulses are felt. But you need a special cream on a water basis. With vitamin oil, the effect is not felt.

  45. F***r

    The battered box, the equipment looks good, i haven’t tried yet.